The Beacon

Once again, I’m excited to announce some new things in my writing career! I’ve recently joined the staff of The Beacon, Merrimack College’s own newspaper. I’m specifically covering one genre, although the bulk of my work will be what it is here at Blind Obedience: Sports and Editorials. Every edition of The Beacon is released in print and online, so if you’re off campus you can stay up to date with all of my work! Thanks for all the support everyone, it keeps me going during the painful experience we call “writer’s block” : )

Follow The Beacon:

Readers can access The Beacon online at, like The Beacon on Facebook here, and follow The Beacon on Twitter at @MCBeacon

Read The Beacon:

2/22/13 Edition – Hockey: A Matter of Belief  – my Merrimack College Hockey update for The Beacon

10/12 issue (my article can be found on page 11)

Toughness Key For Women’s Soccer by Pat Bradley

9/28 issue (my articles are on pages 11 and 12)

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