Real Live College Guy

Hey everyone!
So I’m getting involved in an exciting new project on campus called Her Campus. Her Campus is “the #1 online community for college women” and “features national content on Style, Health, Love, Life, and Career supplemented by local content from 200+ campus chapters across the country.” Recently, some friends of mine at school have started up a branch of Her Campus at my college, and I’ll be working with them in whatever capacity they need. We’re all really excited for this opportunity, especially getting some of our best young journalists exposed to the world and publishing their material. Our individual site launches September 25th, with more information to follow shortly there after!
Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates to come!

Update: I have been added to the National team as one of their “Real Live College Guy” columnists! As a RLCG, I’ll be answering questions from college girls across the country about the inner machinations of the college male’s mind.Have a question that you want answered? Head over to the Real Live College Guy home page and submit all your boyfriend (or lack thereof) problems! Keep checking back for links to my personal profile and columns!

Update – Here’s my Valentine’s Day Package for HC! Pat Bradley’s Ultimate Guide To What Guys Want For Valentine’s Day and 7 Things NOT To Do For Your Boyfriend On Valentine’s Day

Update 2/1/13 I Hooked Up With My Guy Friend, Does He Like Me?

Update 1/22/13 Why Does My FWB Want Out? and Why Did My Hookup Stop Replying?

Update 12/14/12 How To Get A Guy In Class To Notice You and Why Grinding At A Party Means Nothing

Update 12/2/12 Why Don’t Guys Think Of Me As More Than A Booty Call? and How Can I Tell If He Wants To Be More Than Friends?

Update 10/30/12 We Hooked Up And Now He Hardly Answers My Texts and Does A Freshman Girl Have A Chance With A Senior Guy?

Update 10/15/12 Two new articles! How Do I Get Him To Make A Move? and How To Keep A Long Distance Relationship Without Being Too Clingy


Update 10/1/12 Click here for the link to my personal profile!

Also, here are the links to my first two columns! We Almost Had Sex And Now He’s Being Weird and Why The People You Date Always Go Back To Their Exes

As always, thanks for the support!

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