Revis to Bucs Pending Physical

Darrelle Revis is headed to Tampa Bay, pending a physical

Darrelle Revis is headed to Tampa Bay, pending a physical

Update 4:53 pm – Revis and the Bucs have agreed to a 6-year, $96 million contract, making Revis the highest paid defensive back in NFL history. Here’s the catch though – the deal contains ZERO guaranteed money. If Revis’ knee injury comes back to haunt him – done. If he runs his yapper too much and is a negative addition to the team – done. The Bucs can cut Revis without thinking twice, and are on the hook for ZERO DOLLARS. Arguably the most team friendly stipulation of a contract, ever.

Original story:

The New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have agreed to the parameters of a trade that would send star cornerback Darrelle Revis from New York to Tampa Bay. The deal is pending a physical and the Jets have officially given Revis permission to take a physical with the Tampa Bay this afternoon. Revis has also been negotiating a long-term contract extension with the Bucs. The parameters of the deal are reportedly set, with Tampa Bay sending their first round pick in this year’s draft, the 13th overall selection, to New York for the 27-year-old corner widely regarded as the best in the league.

Revis is only six months removed from surgery to repair a torn ACL in his knee, and was just cleared to run last Monday. Revis has one year remaining on his current contract, and was seeking a yearly average of approximately $16 million in his new contract – money the struggling and likely rebuilding Jets chose not to pay their disgruntled star coming off major knee surgery.

Yahoo! Sports’ Jason Cole reported Sunday morning that the deal should be finalized by Sunday night or Monday morning.

The trade makes things a bit easier for the Patriots when playing their New York rivals twice a year, however the team will play the Buccaneers in their third game of the season, a Sunday afternoon game on FOX at home.

Revis won’t have to wait long to make his return to New York, either. The Jets play the Bucs at home to open the season, a Sunday afternoon game also on FOX.

Revis’ play will be sorely missed by the Jets, as they face some of the toughest quarterbacks in the league in Tom Brady (2x), Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger, Andy Dalton, Drew Brees, Joe Flacco and Cam Newton this season.

4 comments on “Revis to Bucs Pending Physical

  1. curtisclontz says:

    Nice post! Do you think this is a one sided trade at all? I think it is actually pretty even. I posted it up earlier but curious what you think too.

    After looking at the last five 13th overall picks, I think the trade is actually more fair than many think. As long as the Jets are terrible I will be happy.

    • Pat says:

      Thanks! I think it has the potential to be pretty even, depending on who New York gets with that pick. I think Revis is a much better talent than any of the previous 5 picks you chronicled, but if he keeps his mouth shut in Tampa Bay could be a really great addition for him. Outside the spotlight,I think Revis thrives even more. He’s a perfect player to build around talent wise, but his attitude is pretty poor, which doesn’t help New York – a team with a weak and flailing locker room as it is. It also serves as a wake up to other players saying “hey – no one is safe. Keep working hard.” Definitely good for both teams, at first glance. Although $15M a year is still a lot though, so it could strap TB a bit in the free agent market going forward. We’ll see!

      • curtisclontz says:

        Keep his mouth shut….TBD! However, I like the fact that the contract is incentive based, but don’t like the verbage that will basically allow him to hold out in the future.

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