A Little Bit of Light

proof his thumbs aren't up his ass

Daniel Bard is moving back into the ‘pen, at least for the time being, which for many reasons is a great move. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve supported Bard’s move to the rotation, as well as everything Bobby V has done (okay not everything, but it’s early he needs some love and fans to back him up), but right now this needs to happen. Bard’s easily our most fiery pitcher coming out of the bullpen and provides some peace of mind for a bullpen that’s given up 40 runs in 42 2/3 innings already this season. Now, Aceves can know he has a solid set up man who probably won’t screw everything up and put all of the pressure on him to save the day, something he’s never really done despite being arguably our most reliable pitcher last year. Also, Bard can gain a little confidence after being the hard luck loser in a few games despite pitching relatively well in the early goings.

This move should help ease the Sox and allow them all to just play baseball. It comes at no better time than tonight, when the Sox square up for a 3 game series in Minnesota against a Twins team that finished dead last in the American League last year and is currently off to their worst start since 1995. Even better, Jason Marquis takes the mound tonight with a 7+ era. Although most of the Red Sox have never faced Marquis, Adrian Gonzalez is 6-for-19 in his career against him, something that could spark his bat in the spacious Target Field. Lars Anderson was also called up today, providing an opportunity for the 24-year-old first-baseman-turned-outfielder to pump some life into this offense. Best of all, Good Ole Jonny Lester is pitching tonight, and needs a good start after his own tough-luck losses and a horrendous start last week against the other-worldly Texas Ranger offense.

After that colossal meltdown against the Yanks Saturday, the Sox got an unexpected day off with a rain out Sunday. As we all know too well here in Boston, when it rains, it pours. However, staying on the clichĂ© train, “only rainbows after rain”.

See you at 8:10


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