Horse Race


Carl Crawford has stolen 50+ bases 5 times in his career, his high being 60 in 2009. Jacoby Ellsbury, who for better or worse is essentially entering his 3rd (hopefully) full season in the bigs, is 2 for 2 thus far, his high checking in at 70 in 2009. Separately, they are nearly unstoppable beasts of speed, seemingly wielding the ancient power of Aeolus at their backs. Together, not even Zeus could stop this unprecedented duo. Luckily, the only other Greek god that matters plays third base for our team, so needless to say the tumultuous joy the top of the order will bring is infinite..  Just thinking of the outlandish things these two will do to the collective psyches of catchers across the league, let alone the A.L. East, gives me chills. Even scarier for rival teams? Jacoby Ellsbury says he feels better and more ready to wreak havoc on the base paths than he did during Spring Training last year!

“I’m probably even better [than last spring], fresh as ever” he said. “I feel good. … I’ve been healthy for a while.”

The Red Sox center fielder added that he has no fear of making that first dive or that first headfirst slide, and he’s even set a personal goal for stolen bases, although he wouldn’t reveal that number.

Ellsbury was jokingly asked about a potential race with Crawford.

“I wouldn’t bet against myself,” Ellsbury said.

That line, as much as anything, signals Ellsbury’s intentions in 2011.”

It’s gonna be one hell of a show.

oh, and tell me this doesn’t make you absolutely rabid for baseball.


Snow Monster

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  1. […] runs in his first season with the team. I envisioned the Carl Crawford/Jacoby Ellsbury tandem to be one for the record books. Sure, I hated the John Lackey signing. Yes, we were writing more checks than ever before and  […]

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