Love Is In The Air

It’s baseball season folks. Pitchers and catchers officially report tomorrow. You know what that means:

"where do the Red Sox rank in your life?"

In other news, Bobby Jenks already hates the Yankees. OK so that’s a little exaggerated, but tell me you can’t see him and the mean Flavor Savor he rocks beaning Tex or Popcorn Boy and lighting a fire under the collective asses formerly known as the Red Sox-Yankees Rivalry. He may not hate ’em, but he’s sure as hell glad to be on our side.

Lackey and Beckett have also reportedly fired David Wells as their Nutrition and Conditioning Trainer.

Oh and the “poised” Rajon Rondo has been hired as Jonathan Papelbon’s Swagger Coach.

"I was just trying to see the play. Nobody called a timeout."

It’s a beautiful 50 degrees out today just 20 minutes north of Boston. Hell we’re practically having a heatwave (unless you’re a Celtic Fan). Summer is starting early in Boston, and its gonna be one hell of a ride until October.

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