And the key to the 2011 Red Sox is…JD Drew?

Nancy solves the puzzle when needed

Ok, so The Mexican Mauler is going to hit 60 homers this summer. Check. Crawford will rejuvenate young Jacoby and the two will be a THE base stealing tandem that small ball lovers everywhere have dreamed of for ages. Check. Josh Beckett has apparently been spotted working out and just got married, solving the issues of his fat ass racking up the back injuries, and boatloads of Boston college girls distracting him from wreaking havoc for opposing teams every fifth day. Check. Jed Lowrie will at some point supplant Marco Scutaro, stay healthy, and hit 20 homers. Okay, maybe not, but I can dream. Which is why I am boldly saying this:

JD Drew is the key to this 2011 Red Sox team.

In an offseason where seemingly every hole has been filled, even the smallest gaps will cause an uproar in the media. Distractions will be aplenty. AGon will slump and get slammed in the media that makes San Diego’s look like a class of first graders asking the questions. Crawford will slump, get thrown out, and be questioned why his steal percentage wasn’t 100% for the year. David Ortiz will get hurt, slump, frown, or all of the above. Bobby Jenks is apparently the bull pen savior, just after being relinquished from a closer’s role on a mediocre-at-best Chicago team and apparently not good enough to even be resigned by the club. Jonathan Papelbon will complain about something, and the Front Office will complain about him. Victor Martinez will kill us at least once and cause yet another uproar about our catching situation.

Don’t get me wrong, I worship the Sox. I LOVE this 2011 team. Slumps happen, adjustments happen, new faces come and old faces go. There will be highs and lows. And, I, for one, am fully expecting the lows. Its a 6 month season. It WILL Happen. but outside of what we expect, we need something else. A spark other than Heidi Watney. Consistency besides her beauty and incredible ass.

What we need is JD Drew.

I can’t say he is my favorite guy, and as much as I hate it, I’m the first to jump on him and say he sucks. But I’m also the first to point out his important role on this team. Remeber the homerun that helped set the tone for the season on Opening Day 2007? The Insanely Clutch 4-run-Jackson in the 07 ALCS? Historic June 2008? ASG MVP? Sure he’s had his slumps and bad times. But this team won’t be a contender without him. When he goes off, he goes off. and When he goes off, he’s a bad, bad man. At 34 and in the last year of his Sox contract, he has proven a valuable commodity. He’s played in 137 and 139 games respectively the last 2 seasons. He hit 24 homers and 22 homers in those years as well. The guy gets on base, plays smart, and works his arse off in arguably the most difficult Right Field in all of baseball. If this year is anything like his last 2, inspired by a new team ready to win, a contract looming, and young Ryan Kalish waiting in the wings, JD Drew will be the storyline of 2011.

Lets just hope Nancy doesn’t lose his touch and let the bad man get away.


One comment on “And the key to the 2011 Red Sox is…JD Drew?

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