Do You Believe In Magic?


Cuz I do. And if there is one thing I’ve learned since my blind obsession with the Red Sox began in The Year Of The Cowboy, it’s to never count the Sox out. Especially when David Ortiz is at the plate with the game on the line. He is, after all, the Greatest Clutch Hitter in the History of the Red Sox. and He has the damn plaque to prove it. Tonight was a classic. Veektor Sparticus had no Trouble catching the deadly knuckler and said it himself after the game. David Ortiz hit an oppo homer into the Monstah that brought memories of the 2004 ALDS game 3 winner of Jarrod Washburn and the Angels. Shit even Alex “A-Gone should B-Gone” Gonzalez jacked one into the coke bottles. Timmy Wakey came off the DL and returned to Timmy- Lights-Out-Captain-Morgan-myknucklermakesyoueatshitandlikeit-Wakefield going 7 innings giving up only 1 run. and throwing only 21 balls ALL Night. and then it happened. When I was writing my blog the last 2 days, I realized that the magic truly wouldn’t be Magic until David Ortiz became Big Papi, the most feared hitter in baseball, again. And maybe tonight’s performance would be a stretch to say that, But shit it sure made me giddy. This team has Magic my friends. Keep up the Roberts Mentality Boys. Right Where It Hurts. Oh, and on a side note, Timmy deserves a city named after him.

welcome to wakefield

Kick Back An Arnie and for all that is Good in this World, Be Jolly

On a nice, fine summer’s day as this one, there are only 2 things I need to be happy. Arnold Palmers and A Red Sox Victory. Hence happiness.  What Makes it Better is that the Yanks lost ever precious ground on their division lead. Sure that means the Rangers won, but as long as we keep beating that little league team in the South side of Chicago, who gives a damn. not me. Sure the Sox almost blew it last night. Sure Oki looked like a 10 year old watching his first porno on that simple pop up. and sure, the Great Jon Lester again didnt receive a victory for his efforts. BUT WE WON. we got the goods my friends. why? Jacoby just broke the steals record. Tek isn’t in the lineup. Good Ol’ Jeddy Boy remembered how to hit down in Pawtucket with 2 dingers. Tito says Dice-K looks great, and Tito dont lie. and My Personal Favorite Timmy Wakey is Back tonight. and i have a feeling its this guy who is gonna kick some White Sox Arse.wake and pap captain morgan

Oh and By the way, Veektor’s sparticus act with 2 pinch hit RBIs? Jason Bay’s Eigth Inning Go-Ahead-Insert-Foot-In-Ass Tower Shot? THIS is the Dave Roberts Mentality. THIS is the magic. I Felt it last night.

dave roberts stolen base

Keep up the good work Boys. Kick ‘Em when theyre down. and Kick ‘Em where it hurts. What Would Dave Roberts Do?

Dont be Afraid to Hit ’em where it Hurts

IT was all about magic. The days where everyone believed. 86 years or not. Tonight we’re gonna rock you tonight. and we did. night in and night out. The only person some die hard fans as myself ever knew to love was kicked out of this town and gone for 3 nobodies. But we believed. There was Magic in the Air. The Cliche “electric” atmosphere came true, and sparks flew. You could feel 38, 000 hearts beating any given moment from your TV sets nation wide. Shit even China could feel it. Everyone knew. and Everyone waited. Those Boys were Our Boys. America’s Boys. Lowly David to Most, but in Beantown, we knew. IT was about Magic. Passion. we knew. WE were Goliath, but WE did not fall. WE let the world know that THEY made weenies from their mother’s toe jam. and yes, we not only TOLD them they played ball like a girl, we gave ’em hell and showed them. Every damn time Mikey Lowell steps up to the plate these days, i feel that heart beat again. As proved by his once again clutch homerun in the third inning last night that oh by the way, still hasnt landed. Watch Out Yankees. Watch Out Texas. Watch out Tampa Bay-we-used-to-be-Devils. But most importantly, taken from the great religion of Belicheck, Watch out tonight Chicago. Jon-I-Survived-Cancer-and-will-still-kick-you-in-the-nuts-Lester is on the mound tonight. and dont dare think he is taking no for an answer.

That comeback and hard fought game last night made me feel magical, if only just a bit. These are Our Boys. and WE have Faith. cuz this is Goddamn Boston and thats just what we do around here. Blind Obedience to the fullest. In Francona we trust. The RemDawg Himself is back in the booth and to put it frankly, you dont mess with the RemDawg. Karma is a Bitch. and this is one Bitch you dont wanna Bang.

Don’t be Afraid to Hit ‘em where it Hurts, Boys. Dave Roberts wasn’t. and neither should you.

THIS is what its all about. Never Forget. Always Remember the Magic.