pitching, pitching, and more pitching

i must say i am genuinely happy to see Theo seems to have learned his lesson during the Arroyo Incident during the ’06 campaign after tonights latest performance from the newest edition of our 2009 World Champion Boston Red Sox. And yes, I am allowed to say that. Ever Since ’04 that whole curse thing doesn’t seem to nag at me anymore…

anyway, that old dude from Atlant- uh, I mean John Smoltz had a rough outing tonight. I’ll give him a Jitters excuse. dude hasnt pitched in over a year, is coming off elbow surgery in his 40s, and is pitching outside a Braves uni for the first time in 20 years. unfortuantely one of the greatest of our generation didnt look so great tonight. Thank God for LuckyPenny and Wakey (who damn well better be an All Star i might add) and the decision to keep our pitching thanks to the Arroyo Factor as i like to call it. Not to mention Buchholz is tearing it up in the minors and our future is lookng pretty damn good with the Jap version of Stephen Strasburg and shortstop Casey Kelly pitching lights out: http://www2.nesn.com/boston-red-sox/2009/06/25/pair-of-young-aces-to-rep-sox-in-futures-game/?sg

oh and on a side note, dear Theo, please go get Dan Haren. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/players/gamelog?playerId=5565  Dude is shredding the National League to pieces. Yes, i know its the weak NL where pitchers bat and there are no DH monsters. yes i did notice his shaky 6-5 record, Theo. But I Also noted his 2.25 ERA, his 104 KOs to only FOURTEEN WALKS ALL YEAR, his .81 WHIP, and the fact that he is on a horrible Diamondbacks team that is sure to be sellers. oh and he hasnt pitched less than 6 innings in a single game and has only done that 3 times. how many times has..whats his name, Dice-K or something? done that this season? oh right…yep 15 starts and 12 of them quality for Danny Boy. oh and in his 5 losses, his team has scored a total of 3 runs for him. not to mention those no decisions he got from the pen blowing some late leads he had when he left.

just an idea since that $100 million gyroball man seems to have gyroed himself out…


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