I like puzzles

which is exactly why I love to watch the NBA Draft. Futures are made and broken on nights like these and the days leading up to them. here are my thoughts on some of tonights action:

*just to warn you…after i read this i realized i wrote too much. try not to get bored. good stuff though. good luck*

#1 Blake Griffin to the Clips:

alright so we all knew it was coming. the superstar to be we all have a man crush on went unanimously number 1 to the clips who unfortunately got the #1 overall pick. good news is this guy wont be a michael olowokandi…coughcough1998#1totheclipscoughcough. seriously though the clippers made the right choice here picking Griffin over big names like Spain’s Ricky Rubio. more on him later.  Love griffin though only thing he really needs to polish is a kevin garnett-like jump shot and this could be the best power forward the NBA has seen in a long time. he has the size (6’10”  250) to play the position and unlike many other big men these days, he has the bulk and toughness to be a winner. he wants the ball and goes out and hustles for it every loose ball and revbound opporunity he gets. if only he werent destined to Basketball hell with arguably the worst franchise today. maybe mike dunleavy will be smart and surround the young man with some talent during the “Summer of LeBron”. Regardless, i tip my hat to the bad ass future madhattery of any psycho crazy enough to try to defend this kid anytime in the next 15 to 20 years. No Matter where he plays or who he plays with, kids going to be a winner (even though he couldnt beat my tarheels and win the National Championship this year) .

#2 Hasheem Thabeet to the Griz

I Like Thabeets upside. Great Shot blocker and…then theres…well,  Maybe i just like Tanzania. maybe its both. regardless, as the cliche goes: “you cant teach seven feet.” Seven feet or not,  Drummer Boy has a lot to prove before Id put my money on him. Right now 7’3″ looks amazing on paper but so did  Sam Booey to the Blazers back in ’84. Then came The Great One. (ouch, sorry Portland know thats a touchy subject still 6 championships and a legend later) Was Tyreke Evans that great player the Griz passed on? Who knows, maybe if he bulks up a lot and gains some toughness that we didnt see at UConn, Drummer Boy will be Great. but right now he doesnt look much better than Darko  Milicic.

#3 James Harden to the OKCityDurantShow.

this pick surprised me, and i must say i don’t know too much about the kid. easily one of the most polished and complete players in the draft however and will certainly fit in nicely with the future NBA championship show led by Mr. Smooth himself, the Almight and powerful Kevin Durant and his band of followers including Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook and a newly found decent Nenad Kristic. with a little chemistry and polish and maybe another solid big with potential like B.J. Mullens who can protect the basket, this team could be the surprise of next season. looking for solid competitive number from Harden next year. he is a smart defensive player and can rebound the ball. Great addition at #3.

#4 Tyreke Evans to the Monarchy in CA’s capital

absolutely love this pick by the Kings at number 4, and genuinely surprised he was still available. this kid is going to be a MONSTER in this league. may need some professional polishing but heed my warning to all the NBA, watch out for Tyreke Evans. whenever you have a 6’5″ point guard with a body like The Prodigy, LBJ himself, and the strength, quickness, footwork, explosiveness, shooting, and ball handling to back it up, you know you’ve struck Gold. Next to Griffin this was easily the Draft’s best talent.

#5 Ricky Rubio to the wolves

Great Passer. Played Pro ball since he was 14. Was on the Silver medal Spanish Olympic team this past summer. yep thats about all i got. highly over rated in my opinion. cant shoot. wont score much in the nba. if he’s lucky someday he might be a steve nash wanna be. right now doesnt have the explosiveness or shooting ability to be even a starter in my opinion. it will take a few years and a lot of elbow grease til the Spanish Castle Magic Wonder Boy is ready to rock and roll.

other tidbits about the draft and trades:

Still havent fully comprehended why the Wolves with their first 3 first round picks took point guards in Rubio, Jonny Flynn, and Ty Lawson. Dont get me wrong i love Jonny and Ty but they mustve picked up Rubio for a reason…? Wayne Ellington was a great pick at 20-something though. great scorer and athlete. can shoot the ball and drive and was right alongside his UNC teammate Lawson..who the wolves proceeded to trade. whats going on in Minnesota?

Stephen Curry is a dynamic shooter and passer and knows the game. kid is a gym rat and will be great. but why does GS want him when they already have that in Monta Ellis? Maybe they just wanted to see the pain on all of the knicks fan’s faces…

with the addition of Jordan Hill, lets hope the knickerbockers dump their fat lazy contracts including Eddy Curry’s. According to one knicks fan “Hill + LeBron = 2011 Champs” could it be? i think not. wishful thinking is always welcome however. take it from a celtics fan.

Austin Daye in Detroit, Lawson traded to Denver, Jeff Teague to ATL, Taj Gibson to the Bulls (a personal favorite I might add), and Mullens traded to the Durant Show were the best late 1st round value picks with Ellington being an honorable mention.

biggest picks in the second round were DeJaun Blair to San Antonio and A.J. Price to Indiana to go play with Psycho T (hansborough). Taylor Griffin is a great pick up by the rebuilding Suns and is exactly what theyre looking for. Love the celtics Picking up Lester Hudson who was actually the second leading scorer in the nation only to Stephen Curry and even recoreded a quadruple double…he’ll be a solid backup for rondo.

a few last closing thoughts:

Shaq just tweeted a few hours ago his “numbers aren’t good enough to retire 3 more years” im feeling a championship or 2 in Cleveland. LBJ aint goin nowhere in 2010. Sorry NY.

Doc River’s thought on the Vince Carter to Orlando Trade: “If that’s a trade because they’re not going to have Turkoglu, I don’t know what it does for them.” i agree Doc.

goodnight lovers..or goodmorning now.

oh and props to kelly cuz she wanted to be mentioned


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